MAD JULY 2018; Festivals across the world

MAD JULY 2018; Festivals across the world

Mad July.

July is one of those month’s that can amplify your travel plans . With a plethora to festivals and activities to choose from across vivid destinations , it’s THE month to travel. Eventours Travels lists out some of their favorite annual festivals that you can travel to. And don’t worry if you missed this year, you know what to do next year and who to go to.

 The Rainforest World Music Festival 

Join+tens+of+thousands+of+melody-makers+and+party-goers+in+the+Malaysian+jungle+for+a+three+day-long+celebration+of+diverse+musical+styles+from+around+the+globe. RWMF 2015 Rainforest World Music Festival 2018

This year the RWMF or the Rainforest World Music Festival will be held from 13th July till 15th July in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. RWMF is an amalgamation of music, ambiance, vibrancy and lively crowds. What will keep you engaged is the hashtags of the festivals all across Kuching Town. You can have a look at their promo video Awakening of the rainforest  here. Rainforest world music festival 2018 has an amazing line up of artists from across the globe – Grace nono, Oyme, Balkanopolis, Alberto Marin, Shanren and tons of more interesting acts. With occasional meal & free passes to the festival, you might just get lucky, as long as you arrive there on time.

Surrounded by jungles, green pavements, water bodies, the ambiance is a serious rainforest affair. And with the expected rains, the atmosphere just gives into nature. There is a serious vibe of tradition, culture, wellness and local cuisine in the festival. No wonder Eventours Travels  , who are focused into authentic #alternativeexperiences across the world, have included this festival in their annual list.

The RWMF is located at Sarawak Cultural Village in Damai Beach, some 40 minutes from main Kuching city center. Kuching , by the way is approximately 1 hours forty minutes by flight from Kuala Lumpur.

World Body Painting Festival, Austria

World Body Painting Festival, Austria 2

Photo Source : China Daily

The World Body Painting Festival is a traditional summer event since 21 years in Carinthia, the south of Austria. The many international artists are attracting every year thousands of visitors with their mind-blowing work. The venue Goethepark surrounded by the state theatre and galleries such as the art house are the perfect scenery for the art form. The perfect sound from morning till after midnight is provided by national and international bands and Disc Jockeys.

While traditional creative artists might not admire body painting as an art, what makes WBF find its way to Eventours Travels list of curated alternative experiences, is the uniqueness of the festival. No wonder artists from over 50 countries participate in this 3 day event in South of Austria. After a week of new experiences and impressions, all 12 categories including amateur and make-up competitions are awarded during the main days. The legendary World Awards winners’ ceremony on the final day concludes 3-day program full of spectacular art, amusement and shows. Each year the World Bodypainting Festival gives an opportunity to thousands of visitors to enjoy Carinthia and stroll through the colourful paths of Bodypaint City.

MIDI festival, South of France


The South of France is an artist’s dilemma. It is an embodiment of style and sophistication. A plethora of interests be it history, landscapes, culture , food or beaches attracts people to South of France. So what happens after several memorable concerts from 2011 to 2013, the MIDI Festival is back at the Hyeres Beach Hippodrome?

For three days from 20th July – 22nd July , what we have is the best of world music scene in French Riviera. The Midi Festival is a three-day event hosted in beautiful Toulon, France. The impressive lineup of popular French and international music acts perform in unique venues such as the Art Museum of Toulon or Opera de Toulon. Have a good time there.

LUCCA Music Festival , Tuscany


“They look so relaxed, so happily engaged in the present moment, these four women drinking cappuccino and savoring the creamy cannolis.”
― Sophia Bar-LevPasta, Poppy Fields and Pearls

Some say Tuscany is perhaps the greatest repository of art in the world, from extraordinary paintings and sculpture to frescoes and architectural masterpieces. There is so much to do in Tuscany, that finding a starting point and an ending point is always difficult. The Lucca Summer Festival represents the main event in Tuscany, taking place every year in the historical center of Lucca in Piazza Napoleone and boasting the presence of some of the most influential international artists of the current musical panorama. It starts normally at the end of June and it runs all July long. This edition has, once again, a fabulous program, with important names on the national and international scene: Queens of the Stone Age, Hollywood Vampires, Gorillaz, Ringo Star and Noah Jones.



Dubrovnik Summer Festival is undoubtedly the largest and most representative cultural manifestation, not only in Dubrovnik, but in all of Croatia. It is held since 1950 and lasts every year from 10 July to 25 August. This is what Wikipedia says about the festival :” The idea of founding the Dubrovnik Summer Festival’ in 1950 was harmonizing the renaissance and baroque atmosphere of Dubrovnik and the living spirit of drama and music, actually derived from the intellectual way of life of the city itself, from its living creative tradition, which has bestowed upon Croatian cultural and scholarly history, especially in theatre and literature, many great names and works, and kept it continually in touch with contemporary currents in western Europe.”

And this is what Eventours Travels says about the festival: ” Dubrovnik Summer Festival is an amalgamation of artists and culture . It is a month-long art project, set up on the back-drop of a beautiful country. The festival is a stage artist’s delight, a seasoned traveler’s muse, a vacationers’ perk and a travel agents’ nightmare. Yes indeed, to chalk out a perfect itinerary that gives the best of the festival is an art itself”



FIB 2018, is from 19th July to 22nd July 2018. The Festival Internacional de Benicàssim , commonly abbreviated to simply FIB, is an annual music festival which takes place in the town of Benicàssim, in the Valencian Community (Spain). It focuses mainly on pop, rock and electronica artists, as well as having other elements including short films, fashion shows and art.Benicassim has a reputation as being among the best on the international festival circuit.

Usually people fly to Alicante, Barcelona or Valencia and then there are special buses that shuttles you to the festival. While the option of camping is always there, the area is filled with hotels of all categories. Needless to say that the festival is massive and totally consumes the town, the bars and restaurants are buzzing in the day, the beach (also massive) transforms itself into a huge sandy bed for the late, late night revelers and a great place to chill and tan up. The sea also offers a nice cooling off option as its boiling there in the summer (clearly).
Whether you’re going to camp or glamp, one thing is for sure, this is a fantastic way to do a festival, waking up to spend the day in the sunshine and then spend the night listening to top drawer music, repeating for the four days and nights until done.

Singapore Food Festival – Singapore 

Local food culture, Singapore’s brightest culinary talents and multi-sensory dining experiences come together at the Singapore Food Festival, where the best that our island has to offer will thrill and delight even the most discerning palate.

It’s not just about great eats though. At the 25thanniversary of this annual festival, you’ll find a treasure trove of culinary experiences to expand your horizons, from food-inspired art and immersive workshops to insights and fresh new takes on local dishes. Whether you’re a lover of Mod-Sin cuisine or an admirer of traditional flavours, the Singapore Food Festival is bound to sate your appetite



Comic-Con International: San Diego began in 1970 when a group of comics, movie, and science fiction fans — including the late Shel Dorf, Ken Krueger, and Richard Alf — banded together to put on the first comic book convention in southern California. Comic-Con started as a one-day “minicon,” called San Diego’s Golden State Comic-Minicon, on March 21, 1970 at the U.S. Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego. The purpose of this singleday event—which included two special guests, Forrest J Ackerman and Mike Royer, and drew about 100 attendees—was to raise funds and generate interest for a larger convention. The success of the minicon led to the first full-fledged, three-day San Diego Comic-Con (called San Diego’s Golden State Comic-Con), held August 1–3, 1970, at the U.S. Grant Hotel, with guests Ray Bradbury, Jack Kirby, and A. E. van Vogt. Over 300 attendees packed into the hotel’s basement for that groundbreaking event, which featured a dealers’ room, programs and panels, film screenings, and more: essentially, the model for every comic book convention to follow.

With attendance topping 130,000 in recent years—in a convention center facility that has maxed out in space—the event has grown to include satellite locations, including local hotels and outdoor parks. Programming events, games, anime, the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival, and the Eisner Awards all take place outside of the Convention Center, creating a campus-type feel for the convention in downtown San Diego.

Comic-Con has presented literally thousands of special guests at its conventions over the years, bringing comics creators, science fiction and fantasy authors, film and television directors, producers, and writers, and creators from all aspects of the popular arts together with their fans for a fun and often times candid discussion of various art forms. The event has seen an amazing array of comics and book publishers in its Exhibit Hall over the years. Over its fourand-a-half decade-plus history, Comic-Con International has continually presented comic books and comic art to a growing audience. That love of the comics medium continues to be its guiding factor as the event moves toward its second half-century as the premier comic book and popular arts style convention in the world.

JUST FOR LAUGHS,Montreal – Canada


JUST FOR LAUGHS announces their mission on their website in 3 words – Make People Happy.

Just for Laughs was founded in 1983 by Gilbert Rozon as a two-day French language event. In 1985, Andy Nulman joined the festival’s staff and introduced English language events as well; under Nulman’s stewardship, the festival increased to a full month, with French-speaking performers during the first half, and English speakers in the second half. International and non-verbal acts (acrobats, pantomimes, etc.) are scattered throughout the program. In 1999, Nulman left the festival’s full-time employ; however, he directed its major Gala Shows at the Saint-Denis Theatre every July, and remained on the board of directors of the festival’s parent company. After an 11-year absence, Nulman returned to Just for Laughs in July 2010 as president of Festivals and Television.Each day, performers, “New Vaudevillians” and other acts both vocal and visual perform throughout the city, particularly in the “Latin Quarter”—an area known for its theatres, café and boutique shopping. In the evenings, the nightclubs and live venue theatres offer special programs supporting the performers. Although Just for Laughs attracts spectators from around the world, many of those in the audience are talent scouts, booking agents, producers and managers from the entertainment industry. Performing at the festival is one of the biggest opportunities for undiscovered talent to showcase their act in front of industry professionals. The festivals website incidentally is

Agitagueda Art Festival, Portugal


Every year, in the month of July, hundreds of colorful umbrellas float above some selected streets in Agueda, Portugal. When looking up from the ground, it seems that the umbrellas are floating all on their own like colored balloons in the festive sky. Just three years ago the first umbrellas ever were hoisted above popular streets as part of the ongoing Agitagueda Art Festival. Surprisingly, it became an instant hit and since then it has become a tradition. In fact, the umbrella shaded streets has become so popular that, today Agueda Art Festival has become internationally famous.

AgitÁgueda makes an unparalleled contribution to the cultural landscape of the city. Since 2006, some 500 music groups and artists have been on stage. Thefestival’s mission is rooted not only on presenting established artists but also on the promotion of new musical projects while organising “Talentos AgitÁgueda”, a competition aimed at promoting the participation of new national artistic projects.



Obonjan​ ​Island,​ ​just off the coast of Šibenik in Croatia,​ ​is a 136 acre private island immersed in natural beauty, offering unspoilt views out over the Adriatic Sea. From yoga at sunrise and stargazing after sundown, to cocktails by the pool and sunset beach parties, Obonjan offers a perfect blend of experiences in one of Europe’s most blissful and picturesque settings. What is included in your ticket price? – This price​ ​covers​ ​your choice of​ ​accommodation. While on the island you’ll have free access​ ​to the daily programme of​ ​music,​ ​talks and ​ ​workshops, all group yoga and​ ​wellbeing​​ sessions,​ ​comedy and​ ​cinema, but excludes​ ​individual spa​ ​treatments, healing sessions,​ ​excursions, water sports, some workshop materials​ ​and all food and drink.

Zadar and Split Airports are the closest to Obonjan, with a journey time of 45 minutes to the port of Šibenik. From Šibenik, you can catch the ferry or a private boat to the island. There are also buses running from across Croatia into Šibenik bus station, while trains run from Split and northern Croatia into Šibenik railway station, with international connections available.

Werchter Rock Festival BELGIUM


Rock Werchter has become one of the largest and most well-known pop-rock festivals in the world, since the first edition of the annual event took place in 1976. Make more of your Rock Werchter experience and stay at the popular festival camping: ‘The Hive’. Rock Werchter 2018 takes place from July 5 – July 8.You’ll have to face some big lines in order to get in…but once you’re in you’ll find that everyone is pretty much easy-going and you’ll have a lot of fun hanging around at the camp site and at the festival with all the concerts.

This is what Escapism Magazine say about the festival : ” The Belgian version of Reading festival, this super-festival that started way back in 1975, takes over a tiny village for four days and turns it into fields of screaming fans, mud, weird and wonderful costumes and everything else you’d expect with a flood of 85,000 people per day. While music lovers are well served with three stages that roll through some of the biggest bands of the year, there’s not a huge amount of more ‘fringe’ activities here. That alternative edge that makes British festivals so eclectic doesn’t seem to translate abroad. This is a mainly camping only affair, although there are a few hotels in nearby town and all food and drink needs to be bought through a voucher system which you can purchase ahead of time to save queueing on site. A nice touch however, is the price of the ticket includes your public transport from anywhere in Belgium to the site (we love those sensible Belgians).”

Running of the Bulls — Pamplona, Spain


Pamplona is located in the middle of Navarre in a rounded valley, known as the Basin of Pamplona, that links the mountainous North with the Ebro valley. It is 92 km (57 mi) from the city of San Sebastián, 117 km (73 mi) from Bilbao, 735 km (457 mi) from Paris and 407 km (253 mi) from Madrid. The climate and landscape of the basin is a transition between those two main Navarrese geographical regions. Its central position at crossroads has served as a commercial link between those very different natural parts of Navarre.

The fiestas of San Fermin are celebrated in Irunea/Pamplona, in the region of Navarra, every year from the 6th to the 14th of July. They have become internationally known because of the running of the bulls, where the bulls are lead through the streets of the old quarter as far as the bull ring by runners.

The fiestas are celebrated in honor of San Fermin, patron saint of Navarra, although the religious aspect would seem to have taken on a secondary role over the last number of years. Nowadays, the fiestas are seen as a mass gathering of people from all the corners of the world and where the partying, the fun and the joy of it all are the most outstanding ingredients.

What is not allowed in the bull run

  • People under 18 years of age, who must not run or participate.
  • Crossing police barriers placed to ensure that the run goes off smoothly.
  • Standing in areas and places along the route that have been expressly prohibited by the municipal police force.
  • Before the bulls are released, waiting in corners, blind spots, doorways or in entrances to other establishments located along the run.
  • Leaving doors of shops or entrances to apartments open along the route. The responsibility for ensuring these doors are closed lies with the owners or tenants of the properties.
  • Being in the bull run while drunk, under the effects of drugs or in any other improper manner.
  • Carrying objects that are unsuitable for the run to take place correctly.
  • Wearing inappropriate clothes or footwear for the run.
  • Inciting the bulls or attracting their attention in any manner, and for whatever reason, along the route of the run or in the bullring.
  • Running backwards towards the bulls or running behind them.
  • Holding, harassing or maltreating the bulls and stopping them from moving or being led to the pens in the bullring.
  • Stopping along the run and staying on the fence, barriers or in doorways in such a way that the run or the safety of other runners is jeopardized.
  • Taking photographs inside the run, or from the fences or barriers without due authorisation.
  • Carrying objects that are unsuitable for the good order and security of the bull run.
  • Installing elements that invade horizontal, vertical or aerial space along the bull run, unless expressly authorised by the Mayor’s Office.
  • Any other action that could hamper the bull run taking place normally.

Kuala Lumpur Festival – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia’s population practices a variety of religions, with Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity taking centre stage, and as a result you will find that a lot of Kuala Lumpur festivals and events are based around religious occasions – with many national holidays to celebrate these auspicious occasions. The biggest and grandest festivals in Kuala Lumpur are Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas, with festivities that include friends and family from all races and religions, turning them into colourful, harmonious proceedings. Besides that, there are also ‘mini’ cultural festivals that take place, such as Awal Muharram, Chap Goh Mei, Thaipusam, and Easter. It is important to note that while most Kuala Lumpur festivals have fixed dates, others are dependent on the lunar calendar, resulting in dates that vary annually. Besides spiritual celebrations, other special events in KL range from kite flying (Pasir Gudang World Kite Festival) and bicycle competitions (Le Tour De Langkawi) to the Malaysian Grand Prix. We recommend that you check the dates of major festivals before your trip as it can get difficult to find a room in KL during that time.



he Garden and The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club are very proud to reveal Croatia’s brand new festival for 2017 – Beats, Beer and Boogaloo. Taking place in one of the region’s most beautiful locations – the coastal idyll of The Garden Resort in Tisno nestled along the stunning Adriatic coastline – the festival is a unique fusion of craft beers from around the world and a lineup of amazing funked-up live music and DJs curated by Craig himself.

Featuring boat parties, club nights at the legendary Barbarella’s, street food, tutored drinks tasting and much more. BBB are setting out to offer something truly different for not just Croatia but the entire region. After the 10th anniversary of The Garden Festival in 2015 – The Garden Brewery in Zagreb was launched, which now produces 17 different beers shipping to 25 EU countries and was named the best new brewery in Croatia for last year by The combination of Craig wanting to do his own festival in the sun and The Garden missing the buzz of producing festival was too good for the guys to miss, and they set about planning Croatia’s newest festival for 2017. The collaboration feels like natural unity, bringing together The Garden guys’ many years of expertise, Craig’s encyclopedic knowledge of music and the thriving brewery.

The legendary actor, host and broadcaster is one of UK’s most beloved Funk and Soul DJs. Craig has now grounded himself as a Funk & Soul icon after 10 years of broadcasting on BBC 6 Music with their primetime Saturday night show… And adding a range of international beers from micro-breweries and producers to savour plus the sublime Croatian summer climate creates the inaugural Beats, Beer and Boogaloo.

Full Moon Party Thailand


This July it’s on 29th. Koh Phangan Full Moon Party has become a world-famous institution, but its ancestral home remains the crescent cove of Haad Rin Beach on the southernmost tip of Phangan Island in Thailand. More than 12 powerful sound systems turn the 800-metre beach into possibly the most popular open-air nightclub in the world once a month, with a lively festival-like atmosphere, great music and huge quantities of alcohol. This one-of-a-kind event is routinely listed on bucket lists as one of the essential experiences in Thailand which absolutely must be seen to be believed. As many as 30,000 party people gather on the famous strip of sand to party in the glow of the Earth’s nearest celestial neighbour, right through the night and into the dawn. Due to the cost of cleaning up after such carnage, the local community implemented a 100 baht entry fee to access the beach on the night of Koh Phangan Full Moon Party.
Read our Full Blog Feature on this .

10 photographs as to why Azerbaijan is such an exotic destination

10 photographs as to why Azerbaijan is such an exotic destination

Azerbaijan probably on of the least visited places in Europe and Asia is the ultimate Caucasian country. The axiom – East meets West is defined in Azerbaijan. A real blend of Europe, Middle East and the Soviet Union, for years, people have struggled in trying to figure out where does is it actually belong to – Asia or Europe.

Here is a set of 10 Photographs that will make you want to travel to this place :


(Excerpt from The Lonely Planet )

Selling itself as the ‘Land of Fire’, Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan) is a tangle of contradictions and contrasts. Neither Europe nor Asia, it’s a nexus of ancient historical empires, but also a ‘new’ nation rapidly transforming itself with a super-charged gust of petro-spending. The cosmopolitan capital, Baku, rings a Unesco-listed ancient core with dazzling 21st-century architecture and sits on the oil-rich Caspian Sea. In the surrounding semi-desert are mud volcanoes and curious fire phenomena. Yet barely three hours’ drive away, timeless rural villages, clad in lush orchards and backed by the soaring Great Caucasus mountains are a dramatic contrast. In most such places, foreigners remain a great rarity, but in return for a degree of linguistic dexterity, you’ll find a remarkable seam of hospitality. And a few rural outposts – from village homestays to glitzy ski- and golf-hotels – now have have the odd English speaker to assist travellers.

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Musical Stone of Gobustan – Resonant stone, that has been played since prehistoric times.
Yanar Dağ (Fire Mountain) – BAKU, AZERBAIJAN : Mysterious hillside with a continuously burning natural fire.
Mud Volcanoes of Azerbaijan – Home to nearly a third of the world’s mud volcano’s, Azerbaijan features a messy, bubbling, and sometimes explosive landscape.
Museum of Miniature Books – A gigantic collection of teeny, tiny books.
Bottle House of Ganja A quirky house created entirely out of glass bottles combines a collector’s spirit with an artist’s flair.
Fire Temple of Baku A shrine of fire worship built on top of a natural flame.
The Yanar Bulag Fire Spring Spring that emits water and fire at the same time is said to have remedial properties, and sparked its own religion.
Ağdam Azerbaijani ghost town, decaying after a war left it an armed forces buffer zone.


Full Moon Party , Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Full Moon Party , Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand


Koh Phangan Full Moon Party has become a world-famous institution, but its ancestral home remains the crescent cove of Haad Rin Beach on the southernmost tip of Phangan Island. More than 12 powerful sound systems turn the 800-metre beach into possibly the most popular open-air nightclub in the world once a month, with a lively festival-like atmosphere, great music and huge quantities of alcohol. This one-of-a-kind event is routinely listed on bucket lists as one of the essential experiences in Thailand which absolutely must be seen to be believed. As many as 30,000 party people gather on the famous strip of sand to party in the glow of the Earth’s nearest celestial neighbor, right through the night and into the dawn. Due to the cost of cleaning up after such carnage, the local community implemented a 100 baht entry fee to access the beach on the night of Koh Phangan Full Moon Party.

You can see local and international DJs at the many bars and stages set up on the shoreline, playing anything from dub-step to drum and bass, house to hip-hop, techno to trance and reggae to rock and pop classics. Generally speaking, the beach bars standing on the side of the beach closest to Haad Rin Town play party pop (this is also where you will find the huge flaming swing that anyone is welcome to try) and, as you walk down the beach, the music becomes heavier with more underground dance tracks and heavier bass. It is traditional to paint yourself up in neon body paint and there are plenty of UV strip lights around making bodies sparkle and glow through the night. The beverage of choice is, of course, the ‘bucket’. This consists of a bottle of hard liquor (usually whiskey, vodka or local sugarcane rum like Sangsom or Hong Thong), a bottle of Red Bull and some ice, occasionally also including mixers to water it down a little. Intended for sharing, the colorful plastic buckets usually have half a dozen straws sticking out them for you and your friends to enjoy them together. They cost about 200-300 baht each and are available almost everywhere.



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Koh Phangan Full Moon Party kicks off quite early in the evening, but it is highly recommended to arrive late – about 22:00 at the earliest – if you want to have any hope of making it through to the morning. This is when most people will start turning up and the party will really get into high gear, with fire shows, glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark body paint. If you need a break from the intense partying, just head to the restaurants in Haad Rin a block back from the beach. There are even designated areas where those who have passed out drunk are gathered together and watched over by police for their own safety and security.
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Full Moon Party – Build Your own trip


Heritage Assam – Tea Bungalows

Heritage Assam – Tea Bungalows

“I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.”
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from Underground

The exhilarating experience of staying in heritage bungalows resided earlier by the British colonial rulers amidst the evergreen tea gardens. We bring you a list of six such properties in Assam.

Chameli Memsaheb Bungalow, Cinnamora Tea Estate , Jorhat


(photo courtesy : Mr. Shashanka Deka –

Set up by first Indian commercial tea planter Maniram Dewan, Cinnamara will complete 175 years in 2018 is now owned by the Assam Tea Corporation Limited (ATCL), still houses the graveyard of the freedom fighter, which died at the gallows. Cinnamara and Senglung tea estates were started by Dewan between 1843 and 1845 after he resigned from the post of dewan, land agent and chief executive, of India’s first tea company, the Assam Company.  Although Cinnamara still exists, Senglung got lost in time and there were no records available about the garden, till Pradip Baruah, a tea expert undertaking research on Assam tea on behalf of TeaVision, an NGO, discovered the tea estate a couple of years back in Sivasagar district.

History has it that Cinnamara was confiscated by the British and auctioned off soon after the execution of Dewan in 1858 for his role in the freedom struggle. British tea company George Williamson purchased the two estates. However, they fell on bad times as the laborers refused to cooperate with the new owner. They remained loyal to Maniram Dewan, forcing the company to part with them.Cinnamara tea estate was taken over by Jorehaut Tea Company and developed later.

The heritage bungalow at the tea estate is located amidst lush green tea bushes has been given a facelift to make the stay comfortable for tourists. A small museum at the estate where old photographs, history of the garden, artefacts are on display. The bungalow at Cinnamara tea estate, whose floor is made of teak wood, has been lying unused for several years.


Puroni Bheti Tea Bunglow, Haroocharai Tea Estate, Jorhat

(photo courtesy : Mr.Kuntil Baruwa –

The Haroocharai Tea Estate is open to enjoy delicious blends and refined Assamese cuisine, and visitors are greeted by the owners, Indrani Barooah and Rajeeb Barooah. Local dancers contribute to a cheerful outdoor dining experience, while the tea pickers in their colorful clothes collect the leaves of the Camellia sinensis, while stealing a view of the dancers for a moment. Puroni Bheti means old foundation which is a crude literal translation. In its essence in the Assamese language it is a place from where humble beginnings were made by a family. The Lodge stands on what once housed the first office of the 116 year old Haroocharai Tea Estate.

Burra Sahib’s Bungalow, Sangsua Tea Estate, Jorhat


Burra Sahib’s Bungalow, owned by the Barooahs is situated in Sangsua Tea Estate, is known for its quaint colonial architecture and associated with a unique and graceful lifestyle of an age gone by. This big “L” shaped bungalow, surrounded by tea plantations, huge trees, where all one hears are the frogs and crickets seems time has come to a standstill. Built during 1900-1905, with the British colonial exterior, sprawling interiors of carpeted floors, four bedrooms, high ceilings, verandah (courtyard) with sloping corrugated iron sheet roofs and a panoramic view of acres of flower-bedecked garden.

Having four bed-rooms, a large sitting room, and verandahs, all around to suit the climate. This house was refurbished with all modern amenities. Keeping its original style, retaining the old furniture and furnishings with fire places, was converted for tourists into a guest-house, in particular for tourists coming to tour the famous Kaziranga Wild life sanctuary or the Majuli Islands (the biggest river island in the world).The bathrooms, big and elaborate, with 24 hours of hot & cold Water/Shower, got a new look in the 80”s with modern fittings, retiled in pastels and floral designs, making it all look nice and beautiful.

With food, served by their smiley uniformed staff, are delicious Anglo Indian dinners with traditional and continental meals.

With activities , guests could go for Golf or even stroll to the Golf course , or go to the Burra Sahib”s personal fishing lake , that looks beautiful after the rains or go to the tea estate tour for tea tasting.

Mancotta Chang Bungalow, Mancotta Tea Estate, Dibrugarh


The Mancotta bungalow is owned by the Jalans, one of the oldest tea-growing families in Assam, their business dating back to the middle of the 19th century and still going strong. In recent years, they have converted two of their ‘manager’s bungalows’ into guesthouses, but not of the usual touristy kind. They are not widely advertised and are not bursting at the seams with visitors either. There are six rooms on offer at Mancotta Chang, with and without air-conditioning.

 Balipara Bungalow – Wild Masheer, Addabarie Tea Estate, Balipara

wild-mahseer (1)

Taste the lifestyle of a Colonial tea planter at Wild Mahseer, a 22-acre sanctuary comprising the jewel in our crown, the exclusive Heritage Bungalow, an additional 4 cozy tea bungalows, the First Flush dining pavilion and Two & A Bud conference facility all located on a certified organic property.

Wild Mahseer is the perfect place to relax and be pampered between forays out to witness Assam’s breathtaking pristine scenery, discover its rare and abundant wildlife, meet its eclectic mix of people and savour its flavorful multi-cultural cuisine.

The Heritage Bungalow is immersed in over 100 years of rich history. Set in the midst of the Addabarie Tea Estate, it was originally the Visiting Agent’s residence. After renovation and fronted by a massive lawn interspersed with mature trees, decorative beds blooming with seasonal flowers and dotted with wooden benches, it is a perfect refuge for visitors keen to re-create the experience of the old-world British planters’ lifestyle.

Wathai Heritage Bungalow, Limbuguri Tea Estate, Tinsukia


The low-slung bungalow, embroidered at its fringes with a sizeable lawn, lies partly in the shade of a scattering of trees. The sun-seared green roof crouches protectively over the wraparound verandah “cocooning” walls painted ivory. Wathai, the renovated manager’s bungalow — with two large bedrooms and a family suite — in Assam’s Tinsukia district, is run by the Dibrugarh-based Jalans, who own vast swathes of tea plantations in Dibrugarh and Tinsukia. Limbuguri is a convenient post for travellers taking a break after Kaziranga National Park. A stay in a heritage bungalow in the heart of tea country, a trip to Dibru Saikhowa and a tour of Wakro in Arunachal Pradesh, are on offer. The large bedroom (Yuhina) immediately off the drawing room features a double bed, cupboards and old-fashioned dressing table, all painted white. The spacious bathroom contains a gleaming tub and WC. The bedroom we are assigned (Sibia) is twin-bedded, with a slightly smaller bathroom. The third room, Minla, is family-sized, with an extra bed, dressing table and sizeable bathroom.

Dinner is brought to us in the slightly stark dining room, its slice of glory the original fireplace. It is simple home-cooked fare. Breakfast served in the sunny jaali kamra, however, is a typical planter’s brekkie — eggs and yummy veg cutlets, seared tomatoes with a spot of cheese, fruit and juice, marmalade, heaps of hot toast and tea.

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Make it Happen Festivals

Make it Happen Festivals

Here is a list of must include festivals and events that should be part of your itinerary if you plan to travel abroad this coming season. Yes, the travel experience will be slightly different than on any other occasion. But there’s something special when traveling for festivals. The atmosphere is different, the people are friendlier, the destination somehow feels more alive, more energetic, more…fun.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Dubrovnik, CROATIA

July 10th – August 25th

Sunset at yacht harbour in Dubrovnik
Sunset at yacht harbour in Dubrovnik

It was at the beginning of the 50s, when there were many theatrical and musical events springing up all over Europe, that the Dubrovnik Summer Festival was founded. However, the idea of harmonizing the renaissance and baroque atmosphere of Dubrovnik and the living spirit of drama and music, actually derived from the intellectual way of life of the city itself, from its living creative tradition, which has bestowed upon Croatian cultural and scholarly history, especially in theatre and literature, many great names and works, and kept it continually in touch with contemporary currents in western Europe.

Sitting along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia is the city of Dubrovnik. Nicknamed the Pearl of the Adriatic, the old city was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.The city was founded in the seventh century and is considered one of the ten best medieval walled cities of the world. Each summer a festival known as the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is held in the city. The festival is 45 days long and involves concerts, games, and live plays. Now 66 years old, to say walled city Dubrovnik’s Summer Festival is something of an institution would be an understatement.

Tomorrowland , Antwerp, BELGIUM



Tomorrowland is one of the biggest electronic music festivals held in the world, taking place in Boom, Belgium. The town of Boom is situated in Belgium, between Antwerp & Brussels.  Travel, together with the People of Tomorrow, from every corner of the world, all united in a once in a lifetime travel experience that brings you to Tomorrowland.

All paths at the venue, placement of bins and shops all across Boom, signs with directions, the staff. The decoration, absolute top notch. With many hidden details, cool small stages and so on. The sound system is absolutely massive, immense bass and clear highs. The main stage itself was a gigantic, firework spitting, hell castle that couldn’t have been done much better. The decoration, absolute top notch. With many hidden details, cool small stages and so on. The sound system is absolutely massive, immense bass and clear highs. The main stage itself is a gigantic, firework spitting, hell castle that couldn’t have been done much better. Tomorrowland is such an experience! It really isn’t all about the music. Tomorrowland is about embracing the beauty of your surroundings and enjoying it with the happy people around you.

La Tomatina, Valencia , SPAIN


The World's Biggest Tomato Fight At Tomatina Festival 2013
BUNOL, SPAIN – AUGUST 28: Revellers celebrate covered by tomato pulp while participating the annual Tomatina festival on August 28, 2013 in Bunol, Spain. An estimated 20,000 people threw 130 tons of ripe tomatoes in the world’s biggest tomato fight held annually in this Spanish Mediterranean town. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

La Tomatina is a food fight festival held on the last Wednesday of August each year in the town of Bunol near to Valencia in Spain. Here are a number of theories about the origins of the festival ranging from the bizarre to the believable, but La Tomatina celebrates Spanish joie de vivre over and above everything else. The whole festival is a sea of white. Make sure you wear clothes and shoes you are willing to discard. Rest assured, you will NOT be able to wear them again. Join the crowds as they walk towards the focal point of La Tomatina – a greased pole with a ham at top. Try to get as close to the pole as possible. Find yourself a good ‘fighting spot’ and wait for the fun to begin.

The event is held every year as part of the festivities of Buñol (Valencia) and its origin traces back to around the year 1945, when some local youths went down to the town square to see the parade Giants and Big-Heads figures. Apparently, one of them inadvertently stumbled and dropped a participant, thus giving rise to a fight between neighbors, who started throwing tomatoes at each other. The following year the group of kids staged a fight back and the rest is history. Today the Tomatina attracts young people from around the world, who gather in the streets of Buñol and hurl the fruit at each other.

Oktoberfest, Munich, GERMANY



Every year a huge park in the centre of Munich called the Theresenwiese is transformed into what appears to be the world’s party central. Half of the park is filled with amazing rides, side shows, food stalls and Schnapps tents. The other half boasts 14 beer halls. Like everything about the Oktoberfest the beer halls or beer tents are huge. They sit over 4000 people inside and more in the beer gardens. In fact around 100,000 people can be seated at Munich Beer Festival tables! You are served steins (1 litre jugs) of the local brew by the frauliens, entertained by Oompah bands – the atmosphere is fantastic. The Oktoberfest always finishes on the first Sunday in October.

Munich’s Oktoberfest started a long time ago; in 1810 to be exact- in the form of a horse race to celebrate the royal wedding of King Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. The citizens of Munich were invited to the event and most of them ignored the races and took advantage of all of the drinks and food that was available. The following years they started including agricultural shows, carnival booths, parades, etc, and the horse races were soon history. Fortunately, they’ve conserved the best part of the festival! Every year, around 7 million people visit Munich to celebrate “Wiesn”, the world’s biggest party.

Hongkong Winterfest, Hongkong, CHINA


Hongkong Winterfest

Hong Kong WinterFest is the series of events sponsored by the Hong Kong Tourism Board which takes place from mid November to January 1st. Christmas might not be a typical Chinese holiday but the territory certainly embraces any chance to celebrate, shop and enjoy great food, and Hong Kong is clearly a magnet to visitors during this season. Celebrate the best of the season with Hong Kong’s unique Christmas festivities. Make it a one-of-a-kind Christmas holiday with Hong Kong’s WinterFest. Throughout the season, you can participate in Christmas-themed events all around the city. Head up to Hong Kong’s sky100 Observation Deck for a spectacular 360-view of the city all decked up in its Christmas finery.

During WinterFest the public spaces of the city are transformed into winter wonderlands and performance spaces, with spectacular light shows throughout the season, culminating in a fireworks display over the New Year period. Victoria Harbour is the centre of attractions, and Hong Kong’s famous skyscrapers will be emblazoned with gargantuan Christmas lights. This typically over the top display of bling encapsulates the spirit and lifestyle of Hong Kong, and makes it one of the best places in the world to celebrate Christmas.

Meviana Festival, Konya, TURKEY

Decembermaxresdefault (1)

Konya is bracing itself for one of the most important events of the year and that is the annual celebration of Rumi and the whirling dervishes’ festival. From the 10th of December to the 17th, thousands of people will descend on the Turkish city of Konya. This is a journey to commemorate the death of a poet and his works that still continues to exist in the society.

Throughout the festival, the dervishes dance their famous whirl, but it’s the final night – 17 December – that’s truly special, with the dervishes dancing to commemorate Mevlâna’s wedding night.

The entire ritual has four parts, and after bowing to each other, the dervishes begin their spiritual journey by starting to spin. They turn in ever-increasing speed, always from right to left. Their arms, which at first are folded over their chests, stretch out, the right hand pointing heavenwards and the left towards the earth in a symbolic gesture to guide enlightenment from God towards us earthbound mortals. During the entire three-hour performance, nothing but the soft tapping of ever-faster spinning feet, the swish of billowing skirts, and the mesmerizing instruments waft through the mausoleum. Today, the chance to witness this sema draws more than one million people to the Anatolian city of Konya for the Whirling Dervishes Festival, which commemorates Mevlâna’s death on 17 December 1273, the Date: now known as his ‘wedding night’ with Allah.

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